Friday, 20 December 2013

Quechua Phone 5, the mountainproof smartphone

Oxyland Corp has just launched its new mountain proof smartphone: the Quechua Phone 5. This is the first smartphone, designed by a brand specialised in mountain gear.

I’m sure you already know how important it is to have a mobile phone whenever you go on an epic walking adventure. However, the problem with smartphones nowadays is that they break so easily. Damaged screens, battery shut-downs and the like have all become so common that we are now accustomed to them.
For example, when I go on a walk, I always tend to leave my smartphone at home for fear of damaging it. Instead, I choose to take my “über-heavy” and square-looking 10-year-old mobile phone, with a black-and-white screen. Retro-style all the way and quite the thing! But it hasn’t got useful features and isn’t as powerful as an actual smartphone.
With this new little gem that is Quechua Phone 5, no need to take an ugly-looking phone with you up there in the mountains and here’s why:

  • The Quechua smartphone is robust with a reinforced cover case and a protective rubber contour.
  • It is shock resistant and doesn’t mind being sprinkled with mud or water!
  • Its battery can last up to 22h (phone calls included), a real bonus when you’re planning on going on a raid for several days!
  • Its 5-inch screen has a tempered glass screen protector. It is also easily read under any lighting condition including direct sunlight.
  • This GPS-equipped phone also includes the following features: an altimeter, a compass and other essential tools to avoid getting lost in the mountains. 

The price is also reasonable (€230) compared to other famous brands like iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.
To sum up, the Quechua Phone 5 has all the features of a new generation Smartphone and more. Oxylan specifically designed it for explorers, adventurers and, generally speaking, for outdoor activities. A great tool for trekkers, walkers, trailers and raiders alike!
To find out more, please check out the technical details of this new smartphone on Quechua’s website.

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