Saturday, 9 July 2016

How To Look After Your Bicycle

It’s a simple truth that if you keep your bike in good condition, it will keep giving back. You’ll minimise potential problems, and without that distraction, you will stay on the road and have more time to enjoy your bike.

At Europe Active – the adventure cycling holidays specialists - we know that it pays to invest some TLC in your bicycle. So here are our top tips for bike maintenance so you can do the same: 

Attention reduces problems
When it comes to bicycle maintenance, the main thing to remember is that it’s important to treat your bike to some regular attention. Ride it regularly to stop it seizing up. And a little oil goes a long way on the moving parts – and will help prevent problems on a bike. 

If you are running a good cycle maintenance routine, then you’ll be regularly checking your tyres to make sure they have enough air. Fully inflated tyres are less likely to have a puncture or get damaged from bumps in the road. Regularly check the wheels to make sure they are running smoothly. It is also worth while knowing how to deal with a puncture. You can even check out our blog on the subject. 

Before every trip – whether it’s the commute or the next stage of your cycling holiday - check the front brake and ensure it is able to stop the bike. The same goes for the back brake. If they aren’t working, make sure you investigate further or get help. 

Do a bicycle maintenance check every couple of weeks and oil the chain regularly. It’s important to oil the moving parts with suitable oil. But don’t overdo it. Less is more and little and often are the rules here.  

Remove any dirt you may have picked up from your bike ride. If you are cleaning moving parts – remember to re-apply a little oil. 

Keeping a bike under a cover is not the same as keeping a bike inside. If you are not able to put a roof over your bike, then make sure you use it regularly, particularly the whole gear range. If your bike is outside, be prepared to replace the moving parts quicker than you would than if the bike was indoors. 

Be prepared to replace the chain, wheels and brake pads occasionally. And the more you indulge your bike in some bicycle maintenance, then you’ll be replacing these less often. 

Building some of these checks and habits into your bike maintenance routine will help you keep your bike in great working order. This is true if you are using your bike every day for the commute or whether you are heading off on your cycling holidays. 

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Check out the Europe Active blog for a whole host of cycling information from thoughts about where to take your next cycling holiday through to what to pack and how to choose the right cycling shoes. Our blog is a cycling goldmine! 

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