Friday, 15 July 2016

Cycling on Corsica

Cycling on Corsica – a superb location for your next, or even your first, cycling holiday

As well as being known as the Isle of Beauty, Corsica is also known as the ‘Mountain in the Sea’. That’s why Europe Active, the adventure cycling holiday specialist, is convinced these hilly landscapes mean that it’s a rewarding location for leisure, road and mountain bikers alike.  Here’s why:

Iconic routes
Cycling trips in Corsica will almost always take in an iconic route. For example, the Europe Active cycling tour of the Cape of Corsica on the north of the island starts in the bustling old port of Bastia, before heading to the Cape, along the stunning coast road where you’ll see the kind of views which epitomise Corsica – rugged shorelines and dramatic cliffs, set against turquoise waters.

Europe Active’s three day tour will then send you west through hilly landscapes towards the island’s beautiful small fishing towns and the Gulf itself.

The climate
Corsican weather is pleasant. It’s hot and dry in summer, good and warm in late spring and autumn. It’s warmer and drier than mainland France.

Terrain – sometimes challenging but always rewarding
The Corsican terrain is varied. It has something for every type of cyclist – leisure, road and mountain biker. The roads are good quality – paved and ride-able, although narrow in places.

The mountains are on 2000m high on average – so some routes are challenging, but the climb is rewarded by stunning views and of course the cycle downhill! Plus, most climbs are not steep or long  - instead they are quite manageable. So cycling holidays here are the right balance of challenge and reward.

Scenery – wide and varied
This relatively small island has it all for your adventure cycling holidays.  Your pedal power will be rewarded by varied surroundings. You could be on the dramatic coast in the morning, looking at rugged shorelines and turquoise blue waters, and then by the afternoon you could be in the pine forests!

Food and wine
Corsican food really capitalises on local produce. It’s rustic, tasty and healthy. Heavily influenced by what they grow well on the Island – you will find wild boar, goat, lamb and pork on the menus. The wild bushes, the ‘maquis’, are also used regularly for herbs. Vegetarians are also well catered for – chefs will often capitalise on goat / sheep cheeses and being only 90km west of Italy, there’s pizza and pasta options in good supply. Corsica has nine wine making regions too – you’ll find something to suit your palette, and quench your thirst, for sure!

It is clear that Corsica and long distance cycling go very well together. Europe Active’s leisure cycling tour  of the Cape and the Gulf of St Florent will reward you with culture, breath taking views and a memorable trip of a wild, beautiful and authentic island.

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