Thursday, 19 December 2019

Why choose a guided cycling tour?

Corsica, our "island of beauty", offers fantastic cycling through beautiful and varied landscapes.

A guided bike trip is a formula that offers many advantages, in particular:  the possibility of a stress-free holiday with someone else responsible for all of the logistics, and the opportunity to meet, and be a part of, a group of like-minded people.

The guide follows the group throughout the trip and is always on hand with the support vehicle. He/she is there to help solve technical problems, replenish water and provide energy boosting snacks. The guide will also carry any items you wish to have access to during the day, but don’t want to carry on your bike.  How convenient!

Help!  I don’t speak the local language!  No problem, that’s another good reason to go with a guide. The guides help facilitate communication between you and anyone you want to interact with, plus they can explain local customs and traditions, making your trip a richer and deeper experience.

Bike tours in the heart of Corsica

Not only that, but our guides have a very thorough knowledge of the terrain over which you will be pedalling. It helps to know what’s coming next in terms of the rides, but also to explain about the places you will cycle through, making your time on the beautiful island of Corsica unique and memorable.   Whether you are looking for challenging climbs or need to take it easy, your guide will suggest the routes best suited to your needs and desires on the day.

So, ready for a ride? Discover our two guided bike tours for 2020:

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